ETL Data Pipelines on Your Cloud Cluster

AI-Driven cloud data platform

Code in your preferred language

Only pay for what you use

The simplest data tool ever made

Data pipelines at your fingertips

Reduced Development Cycles

Readily available drag-and-drop functions and connectors that reduce development time.

Data Replication Capabilities

Avik Cloud fully supports data replication from the cloud and on-premise sources.

Data Profile

Unique profiling feature helps to investigate, prep, build, and cleanse the business rule based on the data quality.

Big Data Processing

Avik Cloud uses a Spark framework that provides in-memory distributed parallel processing to achieve low latency and high throughput.

Fast and Real Time Data Integration

Avik Cloud integrates Kafka with Spark streaming to capture and process the events in real time (coming soon).

AI-Driven Cluster Management

AI-Driven cluster management to efficiently manage and eliminate the idle cluster costs.

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How it works

The Avik Cloud Advantage

Our platform empowers you to build data pipelines quickly and easily

Grow your ROI with Avik Cloud

Avik Cloud drastically reduces the development cycle of building data pipelines from weeks to days. Through Avik Cloud, tedious scripts became drag and drop with their built-in transformation and easy to use SQL processor.

Will Salcido
CEO, Bedrock Analytics

We do lot of ad hoc analysis for our clients, lot of data get loaded, analyzed and thrown away after the analysis. Avik Cloud provides the perfect on-demand Big-Data Platform to perform our tasks efficiently and cost effectively.

Prabakaran Murugaiah
CEO, TechFetch

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