Predicting Cloud Costs for SaaS Customers

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The Client

This client is a global organization that provides cloud-based business planning software to support data-driven decisions company-wide.

The Problem

Nearly all large enterprises have cloud-based storage and applications, but internal teams may be using  individual, unconnected accounts. It is very challenging to forecast cloud-related expenses due to the complexities of pricing structures, including varying cloud service levels, features, discounts and support offerings.

Predicting cloud costs to create budgets and forecasts is very difficult without aggregated cost data. Many organizations are unable to take advantage of cost savings and other efficiencies because their cloud service usage is fragmented. Our client, the planning software provider, needed to deploy this forecasting tool to hundreds of customers, without having to build custom infrastructure individually.

The Solution

Avik Cloud’s solution provided the ability to predict cloud costs based on past usage.

The ability to support both historical and real-time data collection along with aggregation meant that hundreds of GB of both historical and real-time files could be extracted, cleaned and integrated immediately into statistical and machine learning models built in Python.

Avik’s fully automated, end-to-end pipeline connectors eliminated the need for this client to rebuild their planning software framework and was scalable as a managed service.

The Process

A series of working sessions were used to discover and define the specific requirements of this project. An on-site workshop went through the full workflow and process, including file formats and cadence. 

Once the requirements were documented, Avik was able to build the connector for each portion of the pipeline in 2 week increments. The total timeline from discovery to completion was less than 2 months.

The Results

Ease of Use

Avik Cloud demonstrated the ease of use their product provides by building a brand-new infrastructure quickly, without specialized programming.

Data Security Compliance

Because Avik Cloud does not store or access customer data, the solution maintains the customer’s data security requirements.

Data at Scale

The end-to-end automation was flexible enough to be applied to an enormous variety of customer cloud architectures and was scalable within the customer’s cloud.

Data Integration Drives Cost-Savings

Accurate forecasting, combined with the ability to better understand overall cloud usage, creates opportunities for cost savings and improved service when customers are able to leverage their aggregated cloud usage for negotiation with cloud providers, rather than each individual team handling cloud usage separately. Organizations are able to easily create and manage data-driven budgets.

[We were] able to save 60-70% of data integration time per client on pre-processing and data quality management.”

– Business Planning Software Client

If you would like to see how Avik Cloud can help you predict cloud computing costs, contact us today to get started.

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