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Integration Platform as a Service

Avik Cloud is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). We leverage cloud architecture and combine essential functionalities into one product.

Pay as you go: No cumbersome software licenses, maintenance contracts and need for installation and IT involvement. It provides a flexible licensing model based on pay as you use principle. Integrated billing from Azure or AWS or Google with no new vendor management.

Scalable architecture: You can self-provision resources with no coding and you pay only for what you use.

Modern architecture: Architected from the ground up as iPaaS to stay clear from legacy middleware product limitations. Takes advantage of Cloud services to leverage dynamic elastic server management.
Incorporates the self-provisioning of resources as needed. Addresses Real-Time Streaming and Batch integrations. Supports integration of both Cloud and On-Premise application sources and targets using native connectors built for performance.

Rich Data Integration Features: Provides all the standard capabilities, like Filter, Joiner, Aggregator Functions plus Data Quality and Profiling.

Uses Standards-Based Technology: Integration is easier, and you are free to use existing assets – you are no longer relying on a product’s proprietary environment. Bring in your familiar tools like Python, SQL, Java to extend/customize data integration.

Our platform

Why AVIK Cloud?

Avik Cloud, the AI-Driven cloud-native Data Pipeline as a Service. Avik Cloud is a revolutionary new product that extracts data from on-premise or cloud data stores, uses big data distributed systems to parallelly and securely process the data, and then load it into on-premise or cloud data stores. Avik Cloud has been intelligently designed to solve all the challenges that come with building efficient and personalized big data pipelines. The secret lies in its architecture. Our AI-driven platform gives you optimal performance by spinning up and spinning down resources when not in use, saving you money on idle periods. Avik Cloud also gives you on-demand scalability with a pay as you go model to help you manage and cut down on the server costs. Built from the ground up using state of the art technology, Avik Cloud is your perfect solution for Big Data ingestion that supports batch and Realtime ETL. With an easy to use interface and a drag and drop feature, Avik Cloud allows you to build Data pipelines in just minutes. Build a customized data pipeline today with fewer skills, less time, and fewer resources.

Avik Cloud, smart technology, for smart users.​

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