About Us

Our Mission

Avik Cloud is composed of a diverse group of individuals working throughout the world to help businesses of all sizes build efficient and personalized big data pipelines. 

We saw a need to simplify the complex and cumbersome process of buying and implementing cloud-based data tools. Our mission is to provide on-demand scalability of clusters, integrate big data solutions, and increase processing speed — all so that companies are easily able to make data-driven decisions.

We exist to help you create customized data pipelines quickly and easily. With Avik Cloud, you can efficiently extract and load data into cloud applications or data warehouses without compromising the quality of the data. With no additional licenses or contracts, our pay as you go model offers competitive pricing to make data pipelines available to companies of all sizes. 

Our Values

We believe success is measured by the value we create for our customers. Our team values and respects each other, our mission, and our customers.  

We are dedicated to using data to drive transformational change and create positive results in the world.

Our team provides leadership and expertise in methodology and analytics techniques to support product innovation, sales, HR, finance, marketing and other data-driven functions to optimize research, support modeling and machine learning, and improve data integrity.


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