Avik Cloud's Integration with Anaplan

Predict & Control Future Cloud Expenditures

Make constructive data-driven business decisions

Business planning platforms are often expected to integrate into customer environments regardless of existing technology and tools in use. For many business planning tools, like Anaplan, this could mean vastly different requirements for hundreds or thousands of customers. While machine learning models can be readily designed, ensuring that the data is appropriately collected and transferred is essential to accurate planning.


Predict Future Cloud Expenditures

Reduce redundancy and consolidate disparate cost data

Avik Cloud and Anaplan were both custom-built for the cloud to provide businesses with the ability to quickly process and transform data. Avik Cloud’s solution with Anaplan, or other business planning platforms, makes it possible to predict future cloud expenditures by ensuring data from diverse sources is accurately collected in a timely manner.

Build High Performance Data Pipelines

Connect high-quality data streams in minutes

Avik Cloud integrates directly with business planning platforms to create high-throughput data pipelines with the click of a button. Export, transform, and consolidate data from any number of silos using the easy drag-and-drop interface.

Seamless Data Integration

Connect all of your applications for Big Data insights

Save time and money by integrating every data source in your organization. Avik Cloud has 40+ native connectors to databases and applications, with new connectors added every month. With business planning tools like Anaplan, Avik Cloud’s intuitive pipeline builder can move, transform, and analyze your data faster to unlock big data insights.

No Specialized Staff or Resources Required

Build logic without code or use your language of choice

Avik Cloud enables users to implement the existing connectors or build business logic in the language they prefer, including Java, R, Python, SQL and more. As a cloud-native solution, Avik Cloud offers connections to almost all data sources and targets, making it an ideal integration partner for platforms like Anaplan.

Request a Demo

We will show you how Avik Cloud can be used with Snowflake to build pipelines for your data, simplify your ETL process, and build a truly data-driven company.

In this demo, we will show you how to:

Connect to on-premise and cloud data sources

Build your ETL pipeline in our intuitive interface

Create simplified data transformation flows

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