Frequently Asked Questions

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Our customers will get a consolidated bill from Azure or AWS or Google Cloud with a separate line item for Avik Cloud.

Upon selecting the ‘Auto suspend’ and specific time options, Avik Cloud automatically shuts down the server when not in use.

You can sign up for Avik Cloud through Azure, AWS, and GCP (Coming Soon).

Yes, based on your subscription type, you will be billed monthly via Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud.

No, Avik Cloud only stores metadata. Data is stored in the customer’s Big Data clusters.

You can stop your subscription from your Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud account.

Reach out to us via email ( or phone (Ph: 512-800-8501).

You can view your usage via Azure, AWS, or GCP billing.

Avik Cloud rolls out updates once every month. Email communication will be sent to all the customers a week in advance.
You can access all the product documentation via the Avik Cloud support portal.
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