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Acceptable Use Policy​

Who may use this product?

The usage of the product should be by authorized personnel only. Azure credentials are used to login and users are advised that charges incurred will be billed directly by Azure.

Violation of the terms in this section may result in suspension of the Online Service. Avik Cloud will suspend the Online Service only to the extent reasonably necessary. Avik Cloud will notify registered users appropriately.

online services Policy

What terms & conditions apply to the use of this service?

Customer may need to install certain Microsoft software to use the Online Service.
If so, the following terms apply:

  1. Validation, Automatic Updates, and Collection for Software : Avik Cloud will update software periodically. Any significant down time will be communicated in advance. Avik Cloud will ensure there are no or minimal disruption to the services.

  2. Third-party Software Components : The software may contain third party software components. Unless otherwise disclosed in that software, Avik Cloud (not the third party) licenses these components to customers under Avik Cloud’s license terms and notices.

  3. Technical Limitations : Customer must comply with, and may not work around, any technical limitations in an Online Service that only allow customer to use it in certain ways. Customer may not download or otherwise remove copies of software or source code from an Online Service except as and when explicitly authorized.

  4. Warranty and Product Issues : Avik Cloud is not responsible for data loss or data corruption. We recommend taking appropriate precautions to secure the data through periodic backups and disaster / recovery possesses. Avik Cloud will rectify any bugs or issues during their normal product update releases and patches. Avik Cloud takes utmost care to rectify any issues as quickly as possible. Please report to Avik Cloud support if you run into issues.

  5. Financial Commitments : Customer agrees to pay monthly flat fee for using the software. If you are not using you must let Avik Cloud know that you no longer require the software. Avik Cloud provides first 1 month of free subscription and after the free month, the bill of agreed amount will be added to the Azure invoice.


Want to know more?

If you have any questions about this terms and condition, please contact us at: contact@wordpress-287867-1097319.cloudwaysapps.com

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